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Our community club is run entirely by a bunch of amazing volunteers.  If you would like to be involved in our great netball club, committee positions are nominated at our AGM (September).

President - Shaun Spencer 
Vice President - Dee Dingle
Treasurer - Lisa Booth
Registrar - Rachel Wallis
Secretary - Hayley Windle
Coaching Coordinator - Loz Fox
NetSetGo Coordinator - Raelene McKenna
Umpiring Coordinator - Carol Nugent
Uniform Coordinator - Leigh Molloy
Property Coordinator - Vacant

Talent Development Coordinator - Kelsie Johnston


Website Coordinator - Kristy Lind
Sponsorship Coordinator - Dayna Feldhusen


Building Project Coordinator - Mark Kepplinger


Trophy Coordinator - Belinda Van Andel

Events and Fundraising Coordinator - Cass Hart

General Committee - Kylee Symes, Jean Paradise

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